Linear RF- and Microwave-Circuit Simulation using Ansoft Designer SV

"Ansoft Designer SV" is a limited, but free version of the famous Designer for education purposes. It is well known since 2 years, but You do not find a lot of teaching material for it's usage. But this shall change with this tutorial, because the teaching follows a well known princicple: as many as possible projects and circuit examples will help the user or beginner to gain experience as quickly as possible.
So please do not hesitate to start, but never ignore any chapter: in this case You will miss important informations when tackling the next tasks. And if You are interested in special items: at the beginning of every project You can find the intended "teaching goals". So have fun with modern microwave CAD!

Here you can download the tutorial as pdf file

Caution: since June 2010 the software is no longer available from the Internet or the Ansoft homepage. If you anyway want to work with: Here you can download the necessary DesignerSV050610.exe file (caution: 113MB..)



Page 4 / Project 1
Design of a 100 MHz Chebyshev Lowpass Filter (series inductor and parallel capacitor version)
Education goal:
opening of a and working with a project.
Successfully working with the Filter Designer Tool.

Page 7 / Project 2
Impedance Matching using a Lambda / 4 -Microstrip-Line (on a FR4- board)
Education goals:
a) Working with Circuit Design Projects
b) Usage of Microstrip Lines, Microwave Ports and lumped components
c) Correct Working with the Microstrip Calculator
d) Preparation and Execution of Simulations
e) Showing the results in the Smithchart or as a Rectangular Plot
f) Using Data Markers in the result plot

Page 17 / Project 3:
Impedance Matching using a Lambda / 4 -Microstrip-Line (with a not in the proposal window listed substrate) Education goal:
Using any substrate for the board

Page 21/Project 4:
Impedance Matching using a Lambda / 4 - Line (= Grounded Coplanar Waveguide)
Education goal:
Usage of other Line Types and other substrates

Page 24/Project 5:
Travelling around sharp corners and afterwards turning in the air
Education goal:
a) Using "Bends"
b) 2D- and 3D-Layouts

Page 28/Project 6:
Working with S-Parameter-Files (of the GaAs-FET ATF34143) and N-Ports
Education goals:
a) Working with N-ports
b) Simulating with S-Parameter-Files
c) First Meeting with the Noise Figure "NF" and the Stability Factor "K"

Page 32/Project 7:
Improving the Stability of the ATF34143-Amplifier (from Project 6)
Education goals:
a) Using N-Ports with reference points
b) More stability for Transistor Amplifiers

Page 35/Project 8:
Creating and saving the S-Parameter-File for a selfmade circuit (SnP-formated)

Page 37/Project 9:
Analyzing a 1 GHz - Microstrip-LPF
Education goal:
Microstrip Lines and Steps in combinations

Page 43 /Project 10:
Optimizing the LPF of Project 9
Education goals:
a) Using Local Variables
b) Working with the "Accumulate"- Function

Page 50 / Project 11:
Complete Design of a 1575 MHz - Microstrip edge coupled Bandpass Filter
Education goals:
a) Design of such a filter type with the integrated Filter Designer
b) Successfully using coupled lines

Page 57 / Project 12:
Optimizing the 1575 MHz - BPF (Project 11) using the Network - Analyzer Measurements of the manufactured Prototype


Here You find all documents (data sheets, application notes, S-Parameter-Files) for the GaAs-FET "ATF34143", used in the projects.

And Here You can download the Ansoft Software from my homepage.

If You are searching for a missing or special part's S-Parameter-File, click here and have a look at my "S-Parameter-CD" with thousands of collected files...

Have fun, and if there are any questions or problems or circuits to be designed, do not hesitate to send me a mail.

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